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Most people might have not heard of a town in Herzegovina called Stolac and, if they have, chances are they have never heard of its amazing prehistoric sites. The name Stolac is typically associated only with its recent predicaments: war, devastation, economic poverty, bad politics, ethnic violence… However, this town and surrounding areas keep traces of human habitation which, as recognized by official science, go as far back as 16,000 years, but could very well go much further than that. A few kilometers west of Stolac is a sleepy village called Ošanići scattered in numerous hamlets around the hillside. On the far west of this area, at the hilltop, overlooking the site where Radimlja river enters the Bregava valley through a dramatic gorge, above the sacred plane called Ilinštak, lays Daorson, one of the most amazing and mysterious megalithic sites in the world.

The name Daorson derives itself from two words. The first word daor (dvor, davor, dver) has the original meaning of great gate in many languages including Slavic and Gaelic, which has developed into the meaning of castle, fort or temple. The word daor also gave way to d’or meaning gold or golden. The second word is Son, which in many languages means Sun, but can also mean son as male offspring. According to this etymology, the word Daorson means sun gate, golden gate or sun temple. In the complex symbolism of archaic times, Daorson also means star gate, since the Sun is also called Zvizda (Star) in the local Slavic vernacular, but can also mean Sun City, Way of (to) the Sun, or Son of Gold, or , indeed, Son of God which all has close linkages with Christ symbolism. In fact, all of these linguistics symbols are connected to gold through alchemical symbolism, because Sun and gold share the same alchemical symbol. Sun is also symbolic of God as is the gold. Curiously, in the Chinese language, the pictogram of the Sun and gold not only are they the same, but are the same as the European alchemical and astrological pictograms of the Sun and gold: a dot in a circle, or, as it is widely called, cup and plate, which we find in many ancient megalithic sites around the world. This symbol is in turn analog to Holy Grail.

These facts point to the global linkages of alchemy, language, astrotheology and sacred symbolism in the prehistoric or, more properly called, archaic times. For scholars of the ancient cosmology, the name Daorson, its position, orientation and layout symbolize that Daorson was the crown temple of the Great Alchemical Work (Magnum Opus), the crown jewel, the golden pyramid top of human purpose on this earthly plane, the temple of immortality of the soul and the symbol of the ultimate goal of human spiritual development being the opening of the seventh, crown chakra.

This amazing structure wasn’t erected for the reasons of earthly mastery: it’s about spiritual self-mastery with universal purpose. Masters that succeed in this great alchemical deed would become one with the whole universe. All of their material aspects would become spiritualized as they would sublimate into the sweet etherical foam of eternal light encompassing all frequencies possible in the universe. These masters or, more commonly called lords, exercised absolute lordship over material world by transcending material existence and transforming into pure light or spirit. Upon completion of the great alchemical work, they lived in eternity and infinity, beyond the apparent illusion of space and time. We normally think that these concepts are mystical, since they are so divided from our today’s concepts, but they are in fact quite rational. We can rise from this seeming chaos and find full symbolic conformity everywhere around us in Daorson. However, the observer must know what to look for and how to recognize patterns that he needs to connect. The mathematics is at the root of everything: occult is what is hidden, but what is hidden might be in front of our very eyes.

And so, Daorson was indeed the star gate or golden gate connecting individual soul (microcosmos) with the galactic center (macrocosmos). The atomic number of gold is 79. Since 7+9 is 16, it is wise to explore the symbolism of number 16. The best way to get a glimpse is to observe the Tarot card 16 called The Tower, which symbolizes the destruction of matter and the simultaneous process of opening of the crown chakra. One cannot fail to observe the amount of energy released during the event. Who knows, maybe sites like Daorson were constructed to serve as non reusable star gates, since the release of energy during sublimation would cause them to self destruct?

When one comes to the site of Daorson, the sheer size of megalithic blocks that form the so-called acropolis blows his mind. Some of the megalithic blocks used for erecting this structure are larger and heavier then those used in the building of the Giza Pyramids. The craft and intelligence with which these stones were formed and combined, along with the precision with which they were put together, transcends any knowledge available today. Modern stonemasons, with all the contemporary technology at their hands, could not replicate this structure. Just that insight is enough to direct the explorer on the path of spiritual discovery.

Daorson lays at the site which is called Banje (meaning Baths), although today this scenery resembles a rocky desert without any traces of water. Indeed, about a hundred years ago, the government has funded the construction of water cisterns designed to collect rain water in this seemingly waterless region. However, there are traces of water wells, pipes, pools and cisterns of enormous capacity almost everywhere at the site. Where has the knowledge disappeared? Where do we live today? Who are we? Where do we come from? Should we reform our concept of Stone Age technology? All these questions are so much in place in Daorson.

At observing this site, one has to be constantly reminded that he is looking at the pale shade of its former glory. We have to move beyond the Pavlovian reflexes produced by mind training and elusive experiences of our so-called society, which is more a chaotic jungle than anything orderly. We should tune ourselves into the minds and spirits of ancient architects and look, as they did, for what is not immediately obvious. The thinking process in the realm of the invisible is like finding a way in the house during a power cut: one has to be constantly reminded  that reaching for the light switch is futile: it is not about what we can see with our eyes, because we can’t see much anyway, but it’s about seeing with our inner senses. This takes time and practice. However, without this self mastery we will not rise above the materialistic illusion and will forever remain primitive, uncultivated spirits or, in the simple archaic language, demons.

In the words of Heraclitus called the Obscure (“obscure” from the point of view of the blind majority unable to see anything of true value or substance): “Poor witnesses for men are the eyes and ears of those who have barbarian souls”.

On that note, let us remind ourselves that the central pyramid of Daorson was ruined not so long ago, in the sixities, and that today it exists only in pictures and old sketches. The ink sketch presented below was drawn before the infamous exploration works in the sixties. These works were symbolically misdirected at chasing the wrong ghost, because there was no awareness that Daorson is a machine. Consequently, the ghost to look for here is the ghost in the machine. The destruction of the upper pyramid of Daorson was an exercise in chasing the ghost of material artifacts: a deed pathetic and unbelievably tragic in ignorance, enterprise and consequence. This is how the site roughly looked before the expedition, with the pyramid still partly there:

And this is the present all but total ruin of the pyramid after the so-called scientific exploration:

Luckily, there is another pyramid at the bottom of the hill that escaped the total destruction although the workers of the nearby sand quarry used it as a source of ready-to-use construction materials. However, based on the observation of the remains, it seems that construction workers have shown more respect and mercy than the so-called scientists.

There is a curios water cistern in the center of the acropolis of Daorson, situated between the upper-now-ruined-pyramid and the central gate. There is also another cistern or reflecting pool situated around 120 meters away from the gate of the acropolis, which also escapes the eyes of most viewers mesmerized by the monumental walls. This pool is situated at 33 degrees south of due east which points exactly to the place on the horizon where the new sun (son) is “born” every Christmas. The Orion’s belt on Christmas Eve is aligned with Sirius and they form a line which points to the exact place where the Sun is going to rise at Christmas dawn. However, there is the same symbolism on the other side of the equation: the same alignment is present at the dawn of Vulcanalia on August 23rd or the feast of the underworld. On that day the constellation of Virgo is symbolically ascended to the daily skies, while the sun loses its strength. Six days later the Christian church celebrates the feast of the Beheading of John the Baptist. On that particular dawn, the alignment of the Orion belt and Sirius points to the place where the sun will be born again on Christmas. This is the stellar prophecy of the invincible sun, Sol Invictus, and the astrotheological basis for the story of the Biblical prophet who came to prepare the way for Christ!

These pyramids and pools, along with other ancient water engineering elements present at the site, show us a radically different scientific concept from the one dictated today by the tyranny of officialdom. Humanity in this day and age has adopted a strange belief that it can better direct energies than God, Universe or nature, as you like it. Thus the whole purpose of human existence has become the futile wrestle with nature which results in total destruction permeating every aspect of our lives. This warped, diabolical illusion, protest against God, has turned the whole world into a quagmire. And so, instead of understanding why water, winds, stars, planets, seasons, animals, earthquakes and other energies follow certain lines and simply riding those energy lines, humanity applies energy “solutions” in isolation of the whole energy picture. Needless to say, this has devastating effects on nature but also on human consciousness. We have in effect engineered the hell we presently live in. The dictatorship is total: any dissonant voice that opposes the dogmas of the church of science will be shut up in spite of his genius. Take Tesla for example!

The modern scientific dogmas are exactly opposite of technologies of archaic times. They were not  based on imposing human will on nature but on living in harmony with nature and the whole universe. Diabolical, as understood by ancients, was something which is separated from the being, substance or existence. On the other hand, symbolical is something which is identical to the true substance of the observed, what in philosophy is called the Dasein. And so, the present civilization is not at the top of human development. Mesmerized by the mere possession of technological amenities, toasters, atomic bombs, mobile phones and microwave ovens that most people have no concept of, we, the modern barbarians believe we are the most knowledgeable, the most profound, the most beautiful and advanced beings that ever existed. But we are not: we are on the exact opposite. We are the most ugly, polluting, destructive, toxic and demonic spirits that have ever inhabited this Earth.

Daorson has a symbolical name, it reflects its Dasein, for it is indeed a star gate. On the other hand, our brains are automatically skeptical of anything that conforms to the inner truth, because they are shaped by the experience of living in our “civilization” of lies and deception. We are less intimidated by shopping malls than ancient sacred sites. We are infinitely less skeptical about the diabolical then about the symbolical. However, we should be reminded that, simply because today something as profane as a shopping mall is called “City Center One”, it doesn’t mean that it represents unity or excellence (symbolized in number one), it doesn’t mean that it is the center of anything except degradation (and degradation hardly has any substance, let alone a center) and simply because it is called “center” it does not mean that it is situated in the center of anything (for shopping malls are, as a norm, situated in ugly suburbia).

However, Daorson is simply a place where what you see, hear and feel is what you get; it is symbolical, not diabolical. Its name is identical to its substance. Its name reflects its purpose, its Dasein. Truth is such a simple concept that does not need further elaboration.

Let us return to its water engineering wonders. The lower pyramid seems to be situated near  the bottom of a spiral stone pipe ending in a chamber, which could not be made with our present technology. This is the entrance to it at the level of the Acropolis…

….while this is the how the seemingly endless water pipe or tunnel looks as seen from the top. Look at the precision and the shape of these spiral elements!

It is without doubt that this complex, Daorson, is an ancient machine. In concept it reminds of the Tesla machine made of glass and lead, which was functioning only when certain constellations were aligned in the sky. Its design has been lost (if the official version is to be trusted), however, the patent was awarded to Tesla upon the physical presentation of the machine to the patent office. Based on the information and testimonies that survived, specially shaped glass in the form of mirrors would create dazzling light effects encompassing all frequencies possible in the Universe, the energy spectrum similar to the one of the Sun.

Lead, on the contrary, as conceptualized by alchemy, is the ruler of the dark, lustreless prime matter. The atomic number of lead is 82: the two digits give us the numerological sum of 10. Number 10 is the symbol of space and time, since there are exactly ten points on the sphere equally distant from each other and the center. This geometric phenomenon analogical to sacred properties of number ten lead Pythagoras to conclude that all space is contained in the sphere of time and that time can be understood merely as the measure of physical proportions. This is the mystical basis for our numeric system based on number 10 that gives the best insight into physical proportions, while the measure of time is based on the elusive, spherical, spiritual concept of 360 degrees. Lead then is the symbol and essence of the realm of space and time, the prime matter.

Since lead is prime matter, materia prima, it seems that the opposition of the purest spirit and darkest matter was producing the dynamics necessary to produce motion. The transmutation of lead into gold, the turning of prime matter into spirit is the ultimate goal of alchemy, which is also encompassed in the alchemical symbolism of Led Zeppelin. Alchemy is the craft of spiritualization of matter, wisdom that makes the heaviest matter such as lead fly like a balloon, a zeppelin. One can further contemplate other alchemical symbolisms, such as the one of prince charming awakening the sleeping beauty.

Tesla has practically shown with his machine that astrology is indeed a science, although some things about astrology are not clear. The fact that not everything is clear about physics does not disqualify it as a science. For example, we don’t know the source of gravity, but numerous theories exist that explain its practical consequences. Ignoring gravity, although we don’t understand its nature, could have devastating consequences, so why do we think that ignoring some subtler forces could not have equally or more devastating effects? Maybe today’s technology is playing with something far more dangerous which could have delayed but profoundly merciless effects?

Daorson was the ultimate cosmological archaic machine which would function only when certain constellations would activate its energy fields. Today we understand that the best machines are those without moving parts, those that function due to changing energy fields. It is not hard to imagine that this machine would start functioning when certain alignments were present in the sky. Its pyramids, gates, water pipes and cisterns all functioned in coherence with the stellar calendar, lifting water and producing the most amazing deeds uncomprehendable to the profane observer not in tune with Sacred Science.

In the end of this short essay, let us return to the name Stolac. Stolac means seat or throne. The kingly purpose of Daorson, the place of the Lord of lords, King of kings has been already established in this text. The word kraj in the Dalmatian dialect means king, it means place but also means the end. This archaic word symbolizes the end of spiritual development, the completion of the Magnum Opus, the ultimate place, the end of times and the end of earthly existence as symbolized in the Book of Revelation 17:14. “These shall make war with the Lamb, and the Lamb shall overcome them: for he is Lord of lords, and King of kings: and they that are with him are called, and chosen, and faithful.“

The numerology of Biblical verses reflects their alchemical symbolism. 17 in Tarot is the Star (Sun) and 14 is Temperance or Art. This Biblical verse and Tarot cards symbolize the crux of the alchemical art, the completion of the Magnum Opus. It is the art of becoming the Sun, or one with the Sun (Son), which is the star gate, the way to the galactic center, to eternal life. "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one goes to the Father except through me.“ (John 14:6)

The card 17 in Tarot is the card of total purity and new beginnings. We can see the central star, Sun with eight rays (8 symbolizing eternity) and seven stars (7 symbolizing all encompassing Universe in motion) around it. We can see a pure, naked virgin, pouring etheric water into the water and onto the ground. In the background, we see an empty plane, a distant hill and Phoenix collecting the fragrant twigs of wisdom. This is the card of Aquarius, the water bearer symbolizing the end of an era or the end of times. When disciples ask Jesus what they should do when times (age, era) near the end, he answers: "Go into the city, and there shall meet you a man bearing a pitcher of water: follow him" (Mark 14:13) In other words, follow the Aquarius, prepare to follow the Age of Aquarius!

The card number 14 symbolizes the ultimate art: the measure of components, temperance, reflection and self-mastery. This angelic, Apolonic figure holds one leg in the water, the prime matter, while the other is tiptoeing on dry land: rising into the spirit! We can see the enlightenment, the opening of the third eye on its forehead, the pyramid top (gold) aligned with the heart (gold) and the sun, the all seeing eye of Ra, shining from the mountain tops.

So if we have the art of becoming the king symbolized in Daorson, if we have Stolac, the town’s name, which means throne, where is then the throne of the King of kings today?

Well, it seems to have been taken down from Daorson and placed near the church of St. Peter and Paul about a kilometer away. This throne indeed has a profane medieval history that shades its archaic purpose. All official histories are profane, as they don’t allow for anything sacred: that is indeed the purpose of their creation and the Dasein of history that hijacked the spiritual purity at the end of archaic era. It is said, probably with a good historic background, that the local feudal lords used this throne to make fair judgment in the Middle Ages. However, there is nothing in the surroundings of this throne that is nearly as monumental. The throne looks like a part of Daorson that was dragged into the valley and damaged during this primitive and painful process, so symbolic of that time, just like everything in the Dark Ages was primitive and painful. The church of St. Peter and Paul is charming, but there is nothing monumental about its design or its surroundings. This seat clearly belongs to something as meghalitic and monumental as Daorson: it is the seat of the king and queen, at the end of their spiritual path where they would sit before vanishing in a flash of light.

However, there is still something very mysterious about this church. It has a magic square in its center and one of the stones on the patio has the curious symbolism of the all seeing eye of Ra, the Sun (the King of kings) and mixed Scorpio / Sagittarius allegory, which points to November 21st, when Sagittarius takes over the celestial rule from Scorpio, which is the feast of the King of Kings, according to the Gregorian Christian calendar. The cosmic bow of Sagittarius (analogical to Milky Way) points to the center of the galaxy symbolized in the new Sun to be born on Christmas and the beginning of the rule of the Capricorn. 

Is this another symbol or will we continue to worship the sacred accident, the cornerstone of our present “civilization” based on the chaotic cosmology which is, even as a term,  contradictio in adjecto, because cosmos means order and harmony? As a help in this “dilemma”, if it exists at all, we can reflect on the thought that the universe is intelligent beyond human comprehension and that it always leaves symbols for the interested observer. However, the fact that it takes symbolic literacy to do the reading should not confuse those that are illiterate to believe that it is only chaos that exists in this realm. Illiteracy cannot be the judge of wisdom. From the seeming chaos, a subtle order invariably peeks, but that observation requires a soul.

However, this symbolic journey never stops for those with the eyes to see, ears to hear and hearts to love. Psychonauts wanted on the Illyrian Mysteries’ Tours!



    1. Gogo to je njihovo Mišljenje i oni imaju pravo na to ja sam mislio da će bit materijalno ali ispalo je samo na Mišljenje!

      It is a There thinking simple as that but I can understand there way of putting thins together!! BC people looked to stars and moon and son as god's, And to be honest half of the Christian Holiday's are on same day as '' so could savage holiday Day's LOOL ''

      Something to think about it, Neštoda razmišljaš Gogo

  2. A koje je objasnjenje sluzbene arheologije?
    I sta je bilo s tom razorenom kamenom piramidom,cula sam da je njeno kamenje zavrsilo podno litica jer su se trazili 'direktni materijali' u tome sto su arheolozi zvali "hram". Da li je njihovo objasnjenje korektno? tko je gradio Daorson sa tim ogromnim kamenim blokovima koji su slicni onima u Peruu, Egiptu, Uskrsnjim otocima? kada je gradjen? zasto?
    And what is the official explanation of archeology?
    And what with this destroyed stone pyramid? I heard that its stones ended up at the foot of the cliff because experts were searching for "direct materials" in that what archaeologists have called the "Temple".
    Is their explanation correct?
    who has built Daorson with this huge stone blocks , similar to those in Peru, Egypt, Eastern Island?
    when they builded it?

  3. Wasted time.
    Daorson is named after the Illyrian tribe Daorsi. Daorsi are named after Daortho daughter of Illyrius son of Cadmus and Harmonia.

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